Long-Term Impact: Reflections From Arts Integration Elementary School Graduates

Hello BTSALP Team,

I am amazed each day at how you are all working to make this situation as successful as possible for your students.  We are battling changing environments, internet struggles, supply shortages, and on top of that, the worries that come with a worldwide pandemic.  I want to express how much I champion each of you and that you really are my heroes.  Thank you for keeping the arts pertinent in the lives of children and for moving forward with each new day. This month, we have a research article that explores the type of difference you are making long term with your students in the arts.


The article we have chosen for October 2020 is:

Simpson Steele, J. (2019). Where are they now? Graduates of an arts integration elementary school reflect on art, school, self and others. International Journal of Education & the Arts, (20)11, 1-24.


The full article can be found here: bit.ly/BTSALPResearchOct


Here is a little bit of information about this article:


Have you ever wondered what your students reflect upon once in high school concerning their arts integration experience?  Most of us teach so that we can make a lasting impact that will reflect positively on our students’ lives.  This research article looks closely at four individual students who were once in an elementary arts integration school and how this has affected their learning and self-reflection over the years.  Ever wonder what your students might say after their many years of learning through the arts? I have no doubt that you have given them a new lens by which to view the world from and with that, the gift of expression and creativity.


We hope you are able to check out this article and look forward to reaching out again next month to share another bit of current research in our field!


Warm Regards,


Rebecca Penerosa, Ph.D.


Beverley Taylor Sorenson Assistant Professor of Arts Education |Westminster College

Elementary Vice President |Utah Music Educators Association

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