Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

This monthly Artful Learning Resource is brought to you by Jen Terry and Rebecca O’Boyle.


Art Integration Educator Jen Terry has been a stand-out among educators over the last 24 years as a master-creator and master-integrator of art in the classroom. She has inspired a countless number of teachers, parents, and students to think creatively, and wonder through the arts. After teaching kindergarten for 18 years and 2nd grade for two years, Jen was asked to be Alpine District’s Art Integration coach, which many said was a job made just for her. As the art integration coach for four years, Jen showed art specialists and classroom teachers how to integrate the arts into their daily routine, as she had done with her students for two decades before. During this time, Jen went back to school and got her MEd. in Integrated Curriculum with her emphasis on Creativity. Jen is now back in the 2nd-grade classroom to show a new batch of children the power of the arts and creativity (along with piles and piles of great children’s literature).

Rebecca O’Boyle is passionate about music education. She has observed the difference music has made in the life of her students, both emotionally and academically. Rebecca has been working with the BTSALP organization since it began. She served as the music specialist at Santa Clara Elementary for 10 years and is now in her 4th year at River Rock Elementary in Lehi, Utah. Rebecca also served as a Professional Development Partner for BTSALP through Southern Utah University. One of her ongoing interests is studying the connection between music literacy and reading skills. She is developing a musical phonics program to help struggling readers in 1st and 2nd grades. Her work in this area is proving quite successful. Rebecca is Kodaly certified and has also studied Orff and Dalcroze. She is a graduate of Brigham Young University.

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