Gallery Moab

Welcome to the 3rd annual Gallery Moab student art show from Helen M. Knight Elementary in Moab, Utah. This year students were selected on their overall and ongoing interest in art. Once invited they were asked to create something original and meaningful to them. The work you see was totally created by them. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for elementary students to have a “real” gallery experience complete with an opening night reception. The exhibit then becomes open for public viewing.


While students create many fine art pieces at school they are generally tied to some other part of the curriculum and are guided by the art instructors to various degrees. Not these! While Art Coach, Bruce Hucko, may have chosen the kids to participate, he sure didn’t choose what they’d create. He did sponsor a few Friday afternoon Paint Parties in his room for those who wanted to work there, but to their credit, a few of the young artists did their work at home. Enjoy their work!



(Art Coach, Bruce Hucko, and Lisa Cluff, Friends of BTS, tour the Gallery Moab)

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