Teacher Evaluation and Principal Perception: How Arts Integration May be Key to Elevating Dance

Hello BTSALP Arts Educators,

The weather is warming and with the sunshine, I hope your days are also looking bright as well.  We think of you and love hearing from you!  The work you are doing and continue to do through these changing times is providing such an important outlet for the children of Utah. As promised, each month until the end of the semester, we will focus on one major artform and share relevant research.  Last month, we focused on music education/integration and this month, we will focus on dance education/integration.


The article we have chosen for March  2021 is:


Wakamatsu, K. (2016) Teacher evaluation and principal perception: How arts integration may be key to elevating dance. Arts Education Policy Review, (117)4, 203-210.

Follow this link for the full paper:

 Dance Integration Research Article 


Here is a little bit of information about this article:


Kori Wakamatsu from BYU has written this article with the dance educator in mind.  She takes a closer look at how teachers are evaluated and consequently how programs are either developed or diminished.  This can provide a great deal of anxiety for the dance educator, however through the lens of arts integration, dance may continue to show great purpose in curricular design.  She suggests that by strategically exposing principals to the art of dance through arts integration, teachers may be successful in improving perceptions and knowledge of dance that could ultimately result in higher quality of teaching and learning. 


We hope you are able to check out this article and look forward to reaching out again next month to share another bit of current research in our field!


Warm Regards,


Rebecca Penerosa, Ph.D.


Beverley Taylor Sorenson Assistant Professor of Arts Education |Westminster College

Elementary Vice President |Utah Music Educators Association

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