Bamboo Brush Strokes- Visual Art Lesson Plan

Amy Boehme teaches her students how to do the Bamboo Brush Stroke in this easy-to-follow video. As Amy describes the lesson: “one of the 6th-grade classes was studying China and asked for an art project that could tie into their classroom studies. Bamboo brush strokes fit into their curriculum perfectly.”  








We talked about China and paper, we discussed bamboo brushes, and then talked about using supplies that we had to be able to recreate the bamboo brush strokes.  This project fits the UEN standards of being open to trying new art styles.  This was a challenging project for them.






The brush stroke is perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and really feeling those fine muscles used with fine motor skills. When creating the brush stroke the students had to pay close attention to the pressure of the brush, if they pushed too hard they would not get a fine line for the stem of the leaf, also changing from hard pressure to light pressure in one stroke was very difficult for many.





The students had fun challenging themselves to try and make the perfect leaf, some were able to achieve them after many tries and others did not succeed, however, they began to notice how to control pressure and became more aware of those fine muscles. It was fun and I would do it again.

Video Lesson:


Blog post by: Amy Boehme, Jordan District, Visual Art

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