Southern Utah University ArtsFUSION Summer Camp


SUU’s artsFUSION brings movement, color, rhythm and expression into the classroom and lives of students and teachers in Southern Utah through quality arts integration programs and services. 



One of the programs offered to young children is the Summer artsFUSION Arts Camp.  This summer the theme was, “We Are Friends.”  Students focused on art projects and music selections while listening, understanding, working together, and collaborating. 





They designed and painted a ceramic tile under the direction of Kirsten Anderson, BTS Visual Art Educator. 






Students wrote, sang, and played instruments with Melanie Baker and Jaclyn Thompson, both BTS Music Educators. 




Visit the following link to enjoy the events of:

artsFUSION Camp 2021




The artsFUSION program is under the direction of Alisa Petersen, the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Endowed Chair of Elementary Arts Education.  

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