Get to Know Our BTS Arts Educators: Lisa Bean Spotlight

Get to Know our BTS Arts Educators

Lisa Bean, BTS Drama Educator

Nebo School District

Lisa is a highly accomplished drama director and BTS Drama Educator. She has a vision for what makes the arts meaningful and magical in a wide range of settings; but even more importantly, she recognizes the value and magic that resides within students and teachers. Lisa is well known and loved for her ability to touch the hearts and lives of students and teachers who are often quiet and overlooked, and for her ability to empower them to find their own voice and be seen.

Did you know Lisa wrote “Double Tied at the Tracks?” This old west melodrama includes language art integrations, such as metaphor, colloquial expressions, character use of “bad” grammar and a robust vocabulary.  Lisa writes new integrated drama lessons each year.


Lisa has mastered the curriculum for Kindergarten through 6th grade with her integrative works, and has a vibrant history of gracious offerings as she has trained teachers to integrate with drama as well. She has gone above and beyond the core subjects as she has brought light and love to diverse cultures, including her drama production to honor the Navajo Code Talkers.


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