Get to Know our BTS Arts Educators: Marie Smith Spotlight

Get to Know Our BTS Arts Educators

Marie Smith, BTS Music Educator

Canyons School District

Marie Smith is known for looking beyond the walls of her own classroom. Music teachers are known for being passionate about their craft, so it’s not unusual to see high-quality instruction during music time. What sets Marie apart is the way she impacts not only her own students in and out of regular class time, but countless other students across the district, region, and state. Her influence reaches far and wide!  Within her two home schools, Marie goes out of her way to include herself in school activities beyond regular music classes.

Her focus on Social-Emotional Learning this past year has been especially important as students have dealt with strong emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beyond her home schools, Marie has had an enormous impact on the quality of music education in Canyons District and the BTS Arts University of Utah Region. Marie created a Google Classroom page and invited all the Canyons elementary music teachers to be co-teachers so everyone could add material.  Realizing the benefit of having all shared material in one place, she expanded it to include everyone in the BTS Arts University of Utah region.

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