You Matter! An Art Mural Project

Last year Art Works for Kids gave each BTS Arts Educator the book, “YOU MATTER,” by Christian Robinson.  At the beginning of this year Jennifer Schiel, BTS Arts Educator at Franklin and Indian Hills Elementary in the Salt Lake City School District, did a school-wide collaborative project using the book as a springboard. Jennifer also referred to Christian Robinson’s website as a resource.





Following the reading of his book, he answers questions about himself being an artist.  He also makes statements about why children matter.  It is lovely.  He tells the children that they don’t matter just because of sports, making good grades or if you are a good artist.  He states, ” You matter just because you exist.” This is such a perfect message for our students this year!  





Jennifer started by introducing the concept that we all matter to her students at Franklin Elementary at the beginning of the school year.  Every student in the school added to this project and even some of the teachers.  Jennifer says, “I have never done a project that the students have loved as much as this one.” Take a look at this fabulous project.  


You Matter Mural
Jennifer Schiel, BTS Arts Educator
Franklin Elementary School, Salt Lake City School District

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