Get to Know our BTS Arts Educators: Angela Tanner

Get to Know our BTS Arts Educators

Angela Tanner, BTS Dance Educator

Alpine School District

Angela Tanner is a BTS Dance Educator in the Alpine School District.  She is a master at bringing all core subjects into her dance room in a seemingly effortless way for all grade levels. Angela integrates; Language Arts – parts of speech, compare & contrast, summarizing, main idea, sequence of events, storytelling, Math – patterns, number sense, geometry shapes & angles, area & perimeter, Science – simple machines, weathering & erosion, solar system & visual art integration, weather, habitats, adaptations, rock cycle, landforms, and Social Studies – transcontinental railroad, geography, government, bills & laws, cultural dance from around the world, social dance through history.

She also stays true to deep learning of dance and creative movement. For the past three years she has supported Alpine District through her involvement with the Fine Arts Steering Committee where she has provided professional development for both fine arts and grade level teachers. She has created lessons and strategies that she can take to classroom teachers who are eager for her to come and teach side by side with their students. She collaborates with dance teachers across the state and within the BYU region. Angela is a prime example of a masterful teaching artist and integrator. Because of her personal philosophy of the benefits of dance for wellbeing, her instruction is very purposeful in building student confidence and helping them find and recognize activities and attitudes that help them be their best.

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