Get to Know our BTS Arts Educators: Mindy Van de Graaff

Mindy is proactive, a real go-getter! She is thoughtful, eloquent, and courteous in her interactions with students, parents, and other teachers.  She has achieved success as an arts integration specialist and won the praise and admiration of her students, school, and the entire community Mindy has been instrumental in helping form a District Elementary Arts Committee. The 12-person committee consists of classroom teachers, BTS arts educators, and principals. This committee is working to improve arts equity, implementation, and instruction in all the Canyons District elementary schools.

Mindy is a learner AND a teacher! She has a drive and a passion for learning and helping kids to feel the same.  Mindy is a passionate advocate for the arts! She has spent countless hours creating video and slide show presentations for the Canyons School Board. Her presentations are thorough and thought-provoking, giving Board members a true insight into the arts integration classroom.

Mindy also serves on the Canyons School District Arts Consortium, a small advisory group made up of school board members, teachers, community arts organizations, and parents. Everything Mindy does is excellent!  We are fortunate to have her as a BTS Visual Art Educator.

Click here to view Mindy’s presentation with examples of her integrated projects and information about her work.




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