Animal Adaptations

Author: April Thomas
Year: 2022
Artform: Theatre
Subjects: Science
Grade: 3rd Grade
Duration: 1 Session

Learn about different animal adaptations while playing theater games.

Standards & Objectives

Fine Art Standards
Integrated Standards


I can play theater games, activities, or process drama techniques to experience and identify:

  • Sensory Recall and Visualization


I can recognize and describe variation of traits in groups of similar organisms.

Teaching and Timeline


Warm Up

Change Something:

  • In pairs, actors observe one another. The teacher says, “Notice everything you can about your partner. Look at their clothes, their hair, their eyes, and really observe the other person.”
  • Next, ask all players to turn away from each other, back to back. Tell players that each person must change three things about him/herself. Players can remove jewelry, change their hair, take off shoes, etc.
  • Next, have the players turn back toward each other and take turns noticing what has changed.

Work Period


Adaptations Discussion Questions:


Shark Attack:

Finding Food Discussion Questions:


Poison Dart Frog:

Protection Discussion Questions:


Birds Have Feathers:

Temperature Control Discussion Questions:

  • Organism: An individual living thing, such as a plant, an animal or a germ.
  • Adaptation: A special skill that helps an animal to survive.
  • Habitat: The place that an animal lives.

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