Rhyming Words

Author: Ashley Boyack
Year: 2015
Artform: Dance
Subjects: Language Arts & Literacy
Grade: Kindergarten
Duration: 30 minutes

Students will move and say rhyming words. Students will create a class story using “Op” ending sound.


  • Drum
  • Paper and Marker
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Standards & Objectives

Fine Art Standards
Integrated Standards

Explore a variety of fundamental and manipulative gross motor skills (e.g., hop, skip, twirl, dance, throw, catch, kick, strike).

a. Maintain personal space and boundaries while moving.

b. Create and perform simple dance movements that express who one is, knowledge of the body, feelings

Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding

Students will be able to identify, say and move rhyming words in a story and by themselves.

Teaching and Timeline



The rhyming story goes: The stretching CAT reached down to the MAT, where he saw a FAT RAT hopping after PAT. PAT quickly went upside down like a BAT. He quickly SAT up to wear his new HAT. Then of course he went SPLAT.

Move these words in a sequence that has a specific movement for each rhyming word.

For example:

  • Stretch up hi for Cat.
  • Reach to the floor for MAT.
  • Make a large shape for FAT RAT.
  • Hop or jump for PAT
  • Make an upside down shape for the BAT.
  • Sit up tall and wear a HAT.
  • Create a flat shape on the floor for SPLAT.



Ask the class if they can make the letter “O” with their whole body. Now make the letter “P” with your whole body. Can you move these shapes one into the other to make the sound and movement say “OP.”
What letter can we put on the front of “OP” to make it into a word?

Ideas might be mop, cop, top, flop, stop. For each word the children come up with create a movement that can identify that word.

For example:

Work Period


Students will now help you create a simple story using the rhyming words you danced about.

For example: My mother had me MOP the floor. The MOP went FLOP, FLOP. I could see the COP outside riding his motorcycle. His lights were turning like a TOP. He was yelling for someone to STOP.



Try to dance your story. Ask the students which rhyming word was their favorite to dance. Can they tell you in a complete sentence why it was their favorite.

For example. “The top was my favorite way to dance because I like to spin.”


Know what ending blends you will use to make your rhyming words

  • Rhyming words

Answer questions in complete sentences

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