Simple Sentences Using Nouns, Verbs & Punctuation Marks

Author: Ashley Boyack
Year: 2016
Artform: Dance
Subjects: Language Arts
Grade: 1st Grade & 2nd Grade
Duration: 45 minutes

Explore how to construct and use sentences using nouns, verbs and punctuation marks.


  • Drum
  • Create three different cards with the following punctuation marks: “.” “?” “!”
  • A list of nouns and verbs.
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Standards & Objectives

Fine Art Standards
Integrated Standards

Students will explore energy qualities Students will put movement phrases together to make a pattern.

Recognize the distinguishing features of a sentence (e.g., first word, capitalization, ending punctuation).
Read grade-level text orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression.

Through the exploration of energy quality students will learn when to use a period, question mark and exclamation mark. Through the use of motion and action words that become verbs in a sentence students will explore movement vocabulary.

Teaching and Timeline


Experience / Identify:

Begin by exploring the verbs below in axial movements. (In place) and also through space.

Skip, Hop, Swerve, Crawl, Snatch, Twist, Freeze, Wiggle, Dart, Shake, Rise, Roll, Suspend, Vibrate, Prance


Explore & Investigate:

Next, begin to explore the energy of an exclamation point as they move across the space in the room from one side to the other by burst, stomp, erupt, explode, etc… Explain that when you use an exclamation mark you are expressing an increase in energy.

The period will be walking to represent a statement. You may however discuss that just because it is a “.” does not mean that it is a boring sentence. Invite students to show you different ways they can walk EX: fast, slow, high, low, turning, different pathways. You can also make your walk interesting by the use of other parts of your body moving in interesting ways as you walk.

Explain that a question mark expresses a question. Show students the picture of a “?”. Students must stretch body parts up into the air as if there is an answer to be found out in the universe each time they see the question mark card.

Now play a little game. Use your three cards you prepared with the Question mark, Period, and exclamation mark.

When you put up one of the cards students must correspond with the appropriate movement they experienced above. Allow students who are doing their best to be the teacher at times holding the cards and deciding which card will be explored next.

Work Period

Create & Perform:

Create a number of cards with nouns on them. Remind students that a noun is a person, place, thing or animal. As a class choose one of these nouns and then turn to the verb list to choose an action word, to add to your noun to create a sentence. Explain that you want your noun to do something. Some examples are below:

  1. The fork is stabbing the table.
  2. The star is shining.
  3. The snake is slithering.

After the students have created sentences, ask them to create a movement that expresses how the sentence can come to life. This may change how they say their sentence or what kind of punctuation mark they put at the end of their sentence. As a model perform as a class a sentence you created together.

The fork is stabbing the table. Explore how the dance would change if you said:

Have students explore the movement possibilities in their sentence. For example what parts of your body can stab the space or floor. What parts of your body would you stab to express a period, a question mark or an exclamation mark?

Ask them to choose one sentence they liked the most and perform it for someone in the class.


Connect and Analyze

Have students sit with a partner and ask them to tell them what punctuation mark they used at the end of each of their dancing sentences. Perform the sentences for each other.


Students will integrate dance and language arts to discover the energy of a period mark, question mark and exclamation mark.

  • What energy does an exclamation mark have?
  • How about a period?
  • Are they different?
  • Period mark
  • Question mark
  • Exclamation mark
  • Verbs
  • Nouns

Students will pare share with a partner about what they danced

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