Yoga Creative Movement

Author: Bethany Struthers
Year: 2021
Artform: Dance
Subjects: Emotional, Health & Social
Grade: 4th Grade & 6th Grade
Duration: 30 minutes

Students will be able to respond to the changes in music and find appropriate movement as individuals, in partners, and in groups of 4.

This plan can be used as a complete 30 minute lesson or it can be used as a series of opening or closing activities over the course of several weeks.


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Standards & Objectives

Fine Art Standards
Integrated Standards

4th Grade Perform:

Express feelings conveyed by a music selection through movement or drawing

6th Grade Perform:

Make interpretive decisions, with guidance, regarding the use of musical elements to express ideas and emotions.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Teaching and Timeline


Display a variety of yoga poses on SmartBoard/TV or spread cards throughout the room for students to see.

Work Period


Invite the students to experiment with the different yoga poses (individually) and choose some of their favorites to create an ABA form.


Instruct students to start in child’s pose, move to their ABA pattern, and return back to child’s pose (this can be called rock, as well.) Glockenspiel can signal them to start in child’s pose and then return to child’s pose in the end. Play chime tree during A-B-A movement.


Students find a partner and work together to create something new. They can use the partner poses, at this point, if they would like.


Perform with glockenspiel and chime tree.


Students create groups of four and share their patterns with each other. Encourage them to now create something new as an entire group. At this point, students do not have to stick to ABA form. They can work together to create a form that makes sense. (Ex. If they would like to use three poses they can do an ABCA form.)


Perform with glockenspiel and chime tree.


Invite students to use their creations to move and respond to orchestral music. Two examples would be the Nutcracker: Arabian Dance by Tchaikovsky or Carnival of the Animals: Aquarium by Saint-Saens. Make this a performance by moving around the room, giving each student group a change to perform or have them all move at the same time.

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