Research Article: Connecting arts integration to social-emotional learning among special education students

Greetings BTSALP Specialists! We are excited to roll out a series of interesting and pertinent research articles each month throughout the school year. We hope you find them exciting and informative. When we take into consideration the most current research, it can help inform our best practices and feed our need for continued education.


The article we have chosen for September 2020 is:


Casciano, R., Cherfas, L., & Jobson-Ahmed, L. (2019). Connecting arts integration to social-emotional learning among special education students, Journal for Learning Through the Arts, (15)1.


The full article can be found here:


Here is a little bit of information about this article:


During these unforeseen times in education, the arts more than ever provide children with an opportunity for social-emotional expression. While much of the extant arts integration research focuses on artistic and academic development, the area of social and emotional growth is somewhat untapped.  This article explores four main areas of competency in SEL (social-emotional learning).  Initially, the researchers were interested in focusing on engagement and self-control.  Throughout the study, two more areas of competencies arose and were added; interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. While the sample population in this research consists of students with special needs, the implications can be interpreted for students of all varying abilities.  There are concrete suggestions for ways to implement arts integration with a social-emotional learning lens followed with an overall discussion of research outcomes.  


We hope you are able to check out this article and look forward to reaching out again next month to share another bit of current research in our field.  We wish you all the best and champion each of you for the amazing work you are doing, especially during these trying times.


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Rebecca Penerosa, Ph.D.

Beverley Taylor Sorenson Assistant Professor of Arts Education |Westminster College

Elementary Vice President |Utah Music Educators Association

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